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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Winter wedding of my dream

Ku dah jumpa my dream wedding! ha sila beli majalah pengantin baru bulan ni punye...... ku malas nak tunjuk kat sini,... gi beli sendiri... lagipun its the essential reading of all malaysian brides kan? mesti dah beli pun kan kan... kat bahagian belakang...bab wedding comment ada satu wedding tu.. buat winter wedding..haaaaa tu laa yang ku nak... huh senang skit nak cerita kat mak andam da ada contoh... isk..suker nye tengok...macam berangan nyer... tak kira... nak jugak nak jugak.... erm... minggu ni ku kena buat bajet kahwin... so serious bunyik nyer... takut pun ade gak.. eheh... bila dah siap nanti ku share keh.. tapi jangan teperanjat... kecik giler and simple gile... pengantin berbajet la katekan...huhu.... takpe... asal impian nak live together forever dengan abangku tercapai... hikhik... luv u!

Friday, January 16, 2009

What I Wish Somebody Had Told Me Before I Walked Down The Aisle

ku suka betul article ni... good advice for us yang belum lagi tapi akan kawen ni... baca and renung2 kan... then ask yourself... are u truly ready? hehe... me? ok da... ready set go! huhu

What I Wish Somebody Had Told Me Before I Walked Down The Aisle

Have you ever decided to do something and been so head over heels convinced that you had all the answers that you either didn’t seek advise from anyone or you ignored valuable wisdom shared with you? On more than one occasion I have listened to couples talk about being so starry eyed in love that in spite of what others tried to tell them, they truly believed love would carry them through their marriage journey.
After attending a number of weddings in the past 6 months, I was curious about what kind of advice newlyweds wished they had received once they realized they didn’t know it all.
One woman shared that she and her husband have been married 10 months. They lived together before they married. They thought the only thing that would be different after they married was the ring on their finger. Now they know that could not be further from the truth. She wishes someone had told them not to live together before marriage and how steep the learning curve is in the first year.
Many couples preparing for marriage assume living together is the next step before walking down the aisle. Test-driving the marriage to determine compatibility and save money seems logical. The only problem with that is research shows there is no substitute for the real thing. The best way to prepare for a great marriage relationship is to spend time together getting to know the love of your life, participate in premarital preparation to learn skills for healthy communication, conflict resolution, problem solving, goal setting, etc., talk with couples who have been married for a number of years and ask them their secret to keeping their marriage on track or getting back on track after troubled times, and be willing to discuss areas where you don’t agree. Dealing with these issues before you tie the knot could be one of the best investments you make in your relationship. As you do all of these things, ask yourself how committed you are to the relationship. The key to a healthy lasting marriage is commitment to make it work.
Another young bride confessed that she and her husband really didn’t talk about finances before they walked down the aisle. Even though they had their paychecks automatically deposited and bills set up for automatic payment, she actually had no idea what was in their checking account at any given time.
“Not too long after we married, I decided to spend a little extra on payday,” said Susan*. “Little did I know, I almost caused us to bounce checks because it was the first of the month, the time when many of our largest bills are paid. To this day, we still haven’t established a budget.”
Research shows that money is one of the least important factors when couples are considering marriage. However, it is the number one thing that creates distress in marriage. Many couples go deep in debt trying to furnish their home, drive nice cars, and generally “keep up with the Jones’.” Instead of trying to immediately have what your parents accumulated over many years, participate in a money management seminar that will teach you how to budget your money. Most money experts agree there are three cardinal rules to follow when it comes to managing your money: Spend less than you make, avoid going into long-term debt, and put away a little bit for a rainy day.
One couple shared that even though they love each other, adjusting to having someone else around and having to consider their thoughts, feelings, likes and dislikes is a huge change. Everything from how they are going to get ready in the morning with only one bathroom, bedtime when one of them is a night owl and the other isn’t, to spending habits, how to do the laundry, a clean bathroom, in-laws/extended family, visitors in your home and time for date nights are now topics up for discussion and negotiation.
Learning how to do the marriage dance without stepping on each other’s toes is a skill that takes time to master. The best thing you can do is talk about all of these issues as they arise. Keeping your frustration to yourself will only create friction in your relationship. This is where you learn it isn’t all about you and your wants and desires. It is learning how to let another person be a part of your life. You have to figure out how to give and receive and compromise.
One bride said she wished she had known she would have to sacrifice who she was for the sake of her marriage.
Healthy marriage isn’t about sacrificing who you are when you come together as one. Coming together should make you better as an individual and better as a team. Talking about career expectations, children, individual and collective goals before you marry will be helpful. There are seasons in marriage when you choose to make sacrifices because it is honoring to your relationship. This doesn’t mean that one person does all the sacrificing.
Finally, almost every couple I spoke with talked about keeping expectations realistic. Just because you marry someone, doesn’t mean he/she is going to be able to meet your every need, make you happy and be perfect all the time. There will be disagreements. You will make mistakes. Believe it or not, there will be times when you don’t feel head over heels in love. That doesn’t mean you married the wrong person. Nobody is perfect. We all have needs and opportunities for growth. Instead of focusing on your own needs and your spouses’ weaknesses, focus on your spouses’ needs and strengths and on your own opportunities for growth. Even after 17 years of marriage and being immersed in information about how to keep a marriage on track, I still have to keep myself in check when it comes to my expectations of my husband and our marriage.
Getting your marriage off to a great start takes at least as much preparation time as you put into your wedding day. The couples I spoke with have high hopes for a long lasting healthy marriage. If that is your goal, make it a point to start investing now in your relationship. The return on your investment will be worth it!

article source: FIRST THINGS FIRST.ORG

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pertolongan untuk Belanja Kahwin; Bantuan untuk Bakal Pengantin

ha... ku jumpa benda ni dah lama.... tapi baru hari ni belajar macamana nak upload kat blog... huhu...sian rabun IT... merangkak-rangkak belajar.. anyway... ku jumpa kat mana da tak ingat... tapi its quite good! boleh customize untuk majlis sendiri k... simple je..tapi kekadang kita tak terpikir pun nak wat benda ni.. anyway... zaman da berubah...dunia dah maju... gunala ye..moga2 menyenangkan majlis anda nanti! ok.. before korang tertanya-tanya... ala... ni kan excel program... tolong kirakan budget kahwin.. ala... simple sangat... malu gak ku nak letak sini... tapi it kinda helped me.. so ku ingat... maybe bleh tolong korang jugak kan... ingat tau..korang bleh customize iaitu tambah tolak item dalam list tu.. suka ati korang la.. lau nak just go here k...

Tips for Choosing a Style for Your Wedding Invitations

Author: Lisa Parker

Wedding invitations come in all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, that means you may have a tough decision to make when it comes time to choose the wedding invitation that is right for you. You can choose from a wide range of colors, fonts and designs. These are all available in a variety of styles. Some styles that you can choose from are the following: classic, contemporary and destination. The style of your wedding invitation should reflect the theme of your wedding. By choosing your wedding invitation style first, you can narrow down the options, making it easier to find a design that works well for you. Here are some great tips for choosing the perfect style for your wedding invitations. First, consider that the wedding invitations are a reflection of the wedding theme. If you are going to have an informal beach wedding, choosing an elegant style for your wedding invitation might throw them off a bit. Similarly, if you want your wedding to be a black tie affair, sending out a bright colored modern wedding invitation may be confusing to your guests. Although you should be clear about the dress code and other elements in the invitation itself, the style really sets the tone. Even though you may really like one particular style, it may not be the best choice for your wedding if it does not match the theme you have chosen. The theme chosen for your wedding affects the style you should consider when choosing a wedding invitation. Weddings can take place during any time of the year and color and styles reflect that. A fall wedding is usually more formal and a classic style invitation is an excellent choice for this type of wedding. Classic style invitations are usually white with black lace or a grey border. This provides your guests with the information that this wedding is formal. Contemporary wedding invitations are similar to the classic style as they are also a great choice for a formal wedding. The main difference is that the contemporary or modern style provides more of a laid-back feel than the classic variety. Modern style invitations may contain an illustrated image of a wedding party, palm tree, or even a photo of the bride and groom. If you are not looking for invitations with fun illustrations, there are other options to consider within this category. There are also simple monochromatic invitations that are very similar to that of the classic theme. If you are planning a destination wedding at the beach, you should not consider using a modern or classic style invitation. A wedding at the beach is very informal and this should be considered when deciding which invitations to utilize. One suggestion is to consider a photo invitation as this allows you to include a photo of the location. This allows your guests to get a sense of what to expect at the ceremony. Another thing to consider when choosing the theme for your wedding invitations is your budget. Although you can find wedding invitations in all styles no matter what your price range may be, some styles may always be more expensive. Anything that is embossed, includes multiple elements, or is larger than a traditional size may cost more. Remember, although you want your wedding invitations to be reflections of you, you still need to set a budget when making these decisions. If you spend too much on wedding invitations, you may not be able to properly plan the rest of your wedding necessities. With wedding invitation styles, your personal needs also come into play. Some minimalist styles, although very inexpensive, may not have all of the elements you need for planning your wedding. Consider whether your wedding invitations come with RSVP cards, save the card cards, and return envelopes. Some styles do not include these elements, which mean that you have to order them separately. There are many styles available when choosing a wedding invitation. When deciding which is best for your wedding, be sure to consider the location, budget and theme. The theme is important as this helps narrow down colors and invitation styles and formality of the ceremony. For example, if you are choosing a destination wedding at the beach during the month of August, you should consider a light blue informal invitation that may also have an image of the ocean. Classic and contemporary are also excellent choices to consider because they inform your guests of a traditional wedding that is most likely taking place in a formal location. Budget is also an important aspect to consider and this helps narrow down the list of possible invitation choices. Consider these tips when planning your wedding and you should have a better understanding of how to decide the right invitation style for your wedding.

Article Source:

About the Author:

Lisa Parker is a freelance writer who writes about weddings and other family events, often focusing on a specific aspect of the event such as wedding invitations.

Buat sendiri kotak cenderahati kahwin

if you allz very creative and banyak masa lapang... bolehla jimat duit and buat sendiri wedding favors... ku teringin gak nak buat sendiri...tapi... argh... know about people having two left feet and cannot dance? well i have 2 left thumbs...or all thumbs! gunting kertas pun senget2 nak wat sendiri? huhu.... solution utk diriku? carik duit bebanyak ...memang suma ku tempah jela... ni pun tengah tengok favors murah2 kat online ni banyak... tapi ... kot2 teringin nak wat sendiri... erm.. ikut je la arahan tu..

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

bengang tul.....

ni da masuk dua kali blog list aku ilang..pehal ni... tensen tul... asik2 nak betulkan..iyarghh,..,..

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Pemilihan Tarikh Kahwin

Ni memangla keja orang2 tua... tapi tak salah la lau kitaorang pilih after bincang2... maybe... 3/10/09... huhu bday membe aku siot... bangga la tu... ku lau bleh nak syawal... anyway thats a good date... ujung tapi tak ujung sangat tapi tak cuti skolah..ala takyah la kot... ujung minggu pun ok ape... kan...

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Perbincangan pemilihan barangan hantaran phase 1

okey..tadi gayut punya gayut campur bincang dulu2... consensus pertama ialah

tema: aku putih hitam dia: cokelat dan sewaktu dengannya. cokelat gelap ke terang ke bantai..

barang aku nak:

1. perfume- DKNY- be delicious night (sebab warna itam)
2. kasut
4. kain buat baju and tudung and brooch

barang dia nak

1. perfume-DKNY-be delicious men (sebab warna coklat)
2. kasut
3. belt & wallet set
4. baju t shirt sebab dia tak pakai kemeja and tie

ku tak letak brand for the bags and shoes bcoz ku tak reti laaa... tengok la yang sale and berkenan karang... budget bukan besar.. perfume 2 dah makan 5 ratuih... mak aih... mm.. lain2 nanti tambahan je la... kek ke sirih ke hape ke... dia 7 aku 9 kot... tu lau takde sedara mara gatal nak tambah hantaran la... takyah bebanyak, takdek orang nak tolong angkat...

Saturday, January 03, 2009


Myspace Graphics
Myspace Graphics

I found some really Cute Myspace Layouts at

Koleksi Doa dan kata Hikmah untuk Kad kahwin

antara doa dan kata hikmah perkahwinan yang kusuka... bleh letak dalam kad kahwin

Dengan Nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah Lagi Maha Penyayang

"Semoga Allah SWT menghimpunkan yang terserak dari keduanya, memberkati
mereka berdua dan semoga Allah SWT meningkatkan kualiti keturunan mereka, menjadikannya pembuka pintu-pintu rahmat, sumber ilmu dan hikmah serta pemberi rasa damai"
(Doa nabi Muhammad SAW pada pernikahan puteri Baginda Fatimah Az-zahrah dengan Saidina Ali bin Abi Talib RAH)

Tidak perlu mencari secantik Balqis,
andai diri tak sehebat Sulaiman.
Mengapa mengharap teman setampan Yusuf
jika kasih tak setulus Zulaikha.
Tak perlu mengharap teman seteguh Ibrahim
andai diri tak sehebat Siti Hajar
dan mengapa didambakan teman hidup yang sempurna Muhammad
jika ada keburukan pada diri,
bimbinglah dirinya dan terima lah kekurangan itu sebagai keunikan,
carilah kebaikan pada dirinya, bersyukurlah kerana dipertemukan dengannya
dan berdoalah dia milik mu...

Ya Allah Ya Tuhan kami
Kami mohon limpah kurnia Mu,
berkatilah majlis ini semoga berjalan dengan sempurna sepertimana yang Engkau Kehendaki.
Limpahkanlah barakah dan rahmat jua keampunan Mu kepada pasangan suami isteri ini. Jadikanlah rumah tangga mereka sakinah, mawaddah dan warahmah dalam ketaatan terhadapMu. Kurniakanlah kepada mereka zuriat yang soleh dan solehah serta berikanlah ketenangan kepada mereka di dunia dan juga di akhirat. Sempurnakanlah iman serta agama mereka dengan berkat ikatan ini.
Moga perkongsian hidup mereka berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat"

Sabda Rasullah SAW
"Manusia Hawa dijadikan daripada rusuk manusia Adam bukan dari kepalanya untuk dijunjung atasnya, bukan pula dari kakinya untuk dijadikan alasnya, melainkan di sisinya untuk dijadikan teman hidupnya, dekat pada lengannya untuk dilindungi dan dekat di hatinya untuk dicintai"

Sesungguhnya apabila suami menatap isterinya dan isterinya membalas pandangan (dengan cinta dan kasih) Maka Allah menatap mereka dengan pandangan kasih sayang dan jika suami membelai tangan isterinya, maka dosa mereka jatuh berguguran di sela-sela jari tangan mereka

Diriwayatkan oleh Maisaran bin Ali dari Abu Said Al-Khudri

Friday, January 02, 2009

belanja perkahwinan

Sudahkah anda menetapkan belanjawan untuk belanja perkahwinan anda? Jika belum mungkin senarai di bawah dapat membantu anda menghitung berapakah anggaran yang perlu disediakan untuk melangsungkan majlis perkahwinan anda.

1. Wang hantaran (7,000)
2. Barang hantaran
3. Kad jemputan
4. Katering (10,000)
5. Kemah/kanopi
6. Pelamin
7. Baju pengantin
8. Mak andam
9. Jurugambar
10. Hiasan bilik pengantin
11. Bunga telur
12. Kompang
13. Sistem audio
14. DJ

Mungkin jika dicongak, anda akan membelanjakan belasan ribu ringgit atau mungkin melebih 20 ribu ringgit. Adakah anda telah bersedia untuk perbelanjaan sebanyak itu?

Bijak Menabung

Oleh Suraiya Mohd Nor

PEPATAH Melayu ada berkata: Sediakan payung sebelum hujan dan Jika anda gagal merancang, anda merancang untuk gagal. Wang bukanlah segala-galanya dalam kehidupan tetapi hampir segala-galanya memerlukan wang. Dalam hidup serba moden terutamanya apabila tinggal di bandar besar, anda pasti berasa wang mengalir bagaikan air. Sekali pergi ke pasar basah saja, RM50 sudah tidak lagi mencukupi. Jika membeli-belah di pasaraya besar, dalam kocek sekurang-kurangnya mesti ada RM300 - RM400 sama ada untuk membeli keperluan bulanan ataupun lain-lain keperluan. Inipun adakalanya tidak mencukupi.

Lazimnya, ramai antara kita hanya akan menabung setelah ditolak semua perbelanjaan. Ada kalanya nilainya menjadi defisit kerana berbelanja lebih daripada pendapatan. Jika ini berlaku, bagi segelintir kad kredit menjadi penyelamat sedangkan ia bukan amalan sihat kerana ia akan menjerut anda dalam kemelut hutang yang tiada kesudahan.

Sebagai permulaan, bagaimanakah cara anda menabung? Adakah anda menggunakan formula berikut:




Kebanyakan kita menggunakan formula pertama iaitu akan berbelanja dulu dan bakinya baru disimpan. Cara pertama ini menunjukkan anda belum lagi dapat menguruskan kewangan anda dengan baik dan kemungkinan akan terjebak menggunakan kad kredit apabila keinginan berbelanja melebihi daripada keinginan menyimpan.

Bagi yang mula bekerja, memang akan ghairah berbelanja kerana mempunyai pendapatan sendiri. Namun setelah bertahun-tahun tetapi masih juga kering ataupun pokai setiap hujung bulan, anda mula akan tertanya-tanya ke mana perginya wang anda? Anda tidak nampak wang anda berkembang. Lama kelamaan akan timbul rasa kecewa, resah, diri berasa letih, penat bekerja tetapi tidak menunjukkan hasilnya. Hati anda juga akan berasa tidak tenteram kerana jika berlaku kecemasan anda tidak mempunyai sebarang tabungan.

Cara kedua pula hanya memastikan anda tidak menjadi miskin ataupun papa kedana. Wang yang anda simpan setiap bulan itu akan bertambah jumlahnya dan dapat membantu anda pada saat-saat kecemasan. Manakala cara ketiga memastikan anda menjadi kaya ataupun hidup mewah. Ini kerana sebahagian wang pendapatan anda bukan saja disimpan tetapi juga dilaburkan dalam beberapa instrumen pelaburan untuk sesuatu jangka masa tertentu bagi mendapat keuntungan.

Sebelum melaksanakan perancangan anda itu, tentukan dulu matlamat tabungan itu. Anda sekurang-kurangnya ada lapan jenis tabungan bergantung kepada keperluan. Contohnya tabungan untuk berumahtangga, deposit rumah atau kereta idaman, percutian, haji dan umrah, simpanan persaraan, kecemasan, insurans dan cukai jalan dan juga Aidilfitri.

Ada simpanan ini yang bersifat jangka masa pendek dan ada untuk kegunaan jangka masa sederhana dan panjang. Tabungan jangka masa pendek seperti simpanan untuk membayar insurans dan cukai jalan kenderaan, percutian,untuk menyambut Aidilfitri dan juga untuk berumahtangga. Simpanan jangka masa sederhana pula adalah seperti menyimpan untuk membeli rumah ataupun kereta idaman, juga haji dan umrah sementara tabungan jangka masa panjang meliputi simpanan untuk persaraan hari tua.

Bagi setiap tabungan ini anda perlu tentukan berapakah jumlahnya yang perlu dikumpul misalnya untuk membeli rumah idaman yang harganya RM300,000 deposit yang anda perlukan adalah RM30,000. Jumlah itulah yang perlu anda kumpul. Jika menyimpan untuk berumahtangga, dapatkan jumlah sebenarnya dan jumlah itulah yang akan menjadi matlamat tabungan anda.

Tabungan kecemasan pula perlu mempunyai dana atau wang terkumpul sekurang-kurangnya tiga bulan gaji kasar anda.

Setelah menentukan jumlah yang perlu dikumpul bagi setiap jenis tabungan itu berapakah yang perlu anda simpan setiap bulan? Jika mengikut prinsip buku The Richest Man in Babylon, hanya 10% daripada pendapatan diketepikan untuk disimpan dalam jangka masa panjang. Yang idealnya jika anda dapat menyimpan sekurang-kurangnya 30% hingga 40% daripada wang gaji kasar anda.

Sebagai permulaan, apa yang boleh anda lakukan adalah dengan mencatat semula perbelanjaan anda itu dalam sebuah buku khas setiap hari. Setiap hujung bulan anda kelaskan mengikut kategori seperti perbelanjaan untuk bayaran tetap (bayaran pinjaman rumah, kenderaan ataupun peribadi), telefon dan utiliti, makan luar, keperluan dapur, balik kampung ataupun perbelanjaan peribadi. Setelah melihat aliran tunai wang, anda boleh membuat penilaian sendiri yang mana harus dikurangkan bagi tujuan penjimatan.

Ada masanya kita berasa terpanggil untuk membeli-belah apatah lagi apabila adanya promosi ataupun musim jualan mega. Sebulan sekali membelai diri memang digalakkan tetapi berbelanja biarlah berpada-pada.

Prinsip paling penting, bayar diri anda dulu sebagai upah setelah penat bekerja seharian selama sebulan. Anda tentu lebih tenang apabila mempunyai banyak wang dalam tangan daripada terpaksa mengikat perut sementara menanti hujung bulan!

Artikel ini ditulis oleh Perunding Kewangan, Inspired Vision Agency, Kelana Jaya, Suraiya Mohd Nor

Pencarian KAd Kahwin

Ku pening betul tengok kad kahwin... suka sangat sebenarnya... so many varieties! Tapi tu la macam dulu ku ada bagitau... apa2 pun tengok budget dulu... jangan ingat eh eh... murahla... rm++ je... ko cuba darabkan dengan berapa ramai ko punya jemputan? haa... baikla duit tu ko simpan nak bayar hutang lepas kawin... eip...jangan ingat takde hutang... mesti ada punya..haha... tapi kan... orang cakap..ko jangan kedekutla...kawin sekali je... k la... ku pun ada perasaan nak something memorable... tapi kena la tahan nafsu... jangan go overboard... kad exclusive is about 4.50 per piece! ko darab 1000?? ha cepat darab...tercekik gak kan... however...if u allz mampu go ahead... sapa nak marah...karang cakap aku marah plak... aku da kata tengok budget korang laaa... kalau dapat kad lawa macam tu aku simpan... ye ke aku simpan... tak jugak... last2 campak bawah meja atau bawah katil jugak..huhu... tapi untuk very2 budjet kind of girl, likez moi... ku nak simple , muraaaah.... but memorable.. OH MAYA KARIN..U R MY IDOL ... untuk kad kahwin dia la...

tapi apa2 pun di sini ku menyediakan beberapa site yang ku suka tengok tentang kad kahwin diorang...memacam rupa and harga... ku recommend kadkahwinku... bcoz banyak yang harga budget tapi tetap one of a kind... k step... mari kita ramai2 fikir... apa fungsi sebenar kad kahwin? lepas dapat jawapan baru la boleh start shopping for them kay?

Thursday, January 01, 2009

advice from a Tarot card

mm... for the new year
bagi ku free reading, hehe saje je...bukan pecaya tau... kekadang advice dia tu masuk akal gak... so my question is of course pasal kawen laaa ape lagi... i kinda like the advice ... bukan saja about my wedding preparations it can be applied tapi for all of our projects...

Advice: Ace of Swords


Stay focused and resolute, for you are about to reach your objective.

The card in the Advice position suggests a course of action which will harmonize what you want with what is currently possible.

The Ace of Swords in this position advises you to be steady -- you are about to reach your objective. There may be no need to hesitate. Just concentrate on making your impact. This could be your moment. The arrow is pointed straight at the target. Your eye is keen, your grip is firm. Let that arrow fly! If you set aside distractions and hit your mark, you will be rewarded with insight and clarity.

Remember that this is not the time to hold back, worrying about the consequences. When you access this level of truth, you are very likely to cut through all illusion and nonsense.

so everyone... STAY FOCUSED AND RESOLUTE! Now... bila nak pilih tarikh ni... pening ku tengok takwim tadi... bulan 5 dah tak boleh...(kecewa jap tapi takpe FOCUSED!) bulan 8 cuti skola dah puasa! bulan 10 orang lain cuti ku keja! arghh... mm agak2 my mum nak tak buat hari bukan cuti sekolah...

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