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Monday, September 08, 2008

The Key to Effective Wedding Planning

By Amanda Jane

Wedding planning calls for many hands. You would need to apportion the tasks amongst many people and follow up each to ensure that nothing is going amiss. Unless, you have a consultant doing the job, you need an elaborate checklist to bring your event to a successful end. We provide some hints on what you can do to organize a marvelous ceremony.

The date precedes all other planning elements in a wedding. It marks the reference point from which all services are procured. You need to choose the date with great care. It has to be one on which many people would be available. It must not coincide with a holiday, popular event or working hours. The date must conform to the theme of your wedding.

First, make a list of all that needs to be done. Next make another list of all who can help and then match the tasks with the helpers. For example, your sister can help with the decoration whilst your mother assists the caterer with the choice of food. It is helpful if you have people close to you assisting. They know your preferences, that of the family and have more at stake in the event than any other person. They therefore make the best associates as far as planning is concerned.

Start organizing early. You have nothing to lose if you book your transportation three months ahead of time. You need to secure all services ahead of time so you do not suffer any disappointment. Early booking can also save you some money through low season discounts.

Many couples would book a service and then discard the receipt or invoice. This habit must be avoided. You need to keep all evidence of contract so you can reasonably argue about any dispute that may occur. You would need the receipt to prove obligation in case a change in management occurs.

Information on wedding planning and wedding vows is readily available. You can also easily get advice about wedding favors.

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