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Monday, August 18, 2008

how to make money for my wedding

How do you find the money to have weddings?

entahlah.... bila kufikir...kesian juga pada abangku.... pening kepala dia pikir mana nak cari duit... tapi..itulah tugas seorang lelaki...bukan ku materialistic ye....tapi dengan mencari wang hantaran tu menunjukkan kesungguhan dia untuk memiliki kita as a wife.... tapi ku tak letak harga pada diriku...ku cuma kata.... abang carilah duit untuk kenduri....dapat cover budget kenduri cukuplah.... sebabnya..malang untuk diriku....kenduriku takda parents nak sponsor.... semua kena settle that is why my wedding kena budget la.... tapi i hope i can give the best to my guests..lagi2 in terms of food, benda lain ku tak kesah...photographer pro ke...baju 8, 10 persalinan ke.... pelamin kayu jati ke.... ku tak berminat sangat, anyway macam i discuss last post, yang paling penting apa ladies? food and favors! check out my other blog bout wedding favor ideas k?

personalized chocolate favors


Anonymous said...

As an international singer/songwriter, I am often times involved in the entire wedding planning process. The groom-to-be hires me to sing during his proposal, and the bride-to-be hires me to sing during the ceremony and reception.

Usually, at some point during this journey they ask me if I have any idea of how much “the wedding of their dreams is going to cost?” That question is always followed up with, “How are we going to pay for it?!”

Well, for the brides/grooms-to-be that are serious about being “debt free” after the “wedding of their dreams,” I refer them to They will help them to develop a strategy and action plan that will help them to make the money they need to pay for the wedding and start their marriage on a solid financial foundation.

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