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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Marriage is a gamble…

My mom said to me once. Marriage is a gamble….actually…dialognya begini…

“Mana nak tau orang tu ok ke tak mak?”

“Nasible… kawin ni macam berjudi juge gamaknya.”

In a sense it’s true… you never really know wether your investment.. whether your time, money or more importantly your heart will fail… look at the people around you.. how many divorces and heartbreak stories that we have heard in a year? maybe im cynical or jaded…but it seems the happily ever after that everyone wanted never really existed…your best bet is you’ll live happily for at least 20 years tops then either you lost your partner to another person or you lost them in death… which I think is the better but still! Touch wood…. Taknak!! even me and my abang is being realistic… he asked me when after years down the road and he’ll be a datuk..yes…. its his dream…. There will be other people trying to kacau the’s fact of life he said… what will I as the wife do? Ku terdiam…because will I be the quiet wife who sign the consent paper to let him marry? …because he said…at that time it’s not about the money anymore…he will be able to provide for both… it will be the matter of the heart….actually pikir-pikir balik I don’t think so! I told him I can live with the sharing of the materials but I cant share the heart…then ku merajuk seminggu sebab timbulkan isu ni..hahah…..but itula actually wat I love bout him…we can talk about everything as two persons without any berlakon or menjaga hati….kekadang ku buat dia macam my gal pal pulak haahaha…..tak best pulak la membebel hari ni..but it’s a reality check I guess….


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